30+ Easy Plastic Free Swaps for Plastic Free July (and Beyond)

Easy Swaps for Plastic Free July

Easy Plastic Free Swaps When You’re Out and About

1. Swap a Single Use Plastic Water Bottle for a Reusable Drinks Bottle


2. Swap Disposable Take Away Cups for a Reusable Cup

Shole plastic free reusable cup

3. Swap Single Use Plastic Bags for Reusable Ones

Plastic free essentials including Brew Tea tea leaves, a reusable metal coffee cup, glass mayonnaise, bamboo unpaper towels and a reusable organic cotton string bag, on a work top in a grey and white kitchen

4. Swap Single Use Sandwich Bags for Reusable Ones

Storing red grapes in a Stasher bag

5. Swap Clingfilm for Beeswax Wraps

Apple in a beeswax wrap

Easy Plastic Free Swaps When You’re at Home

6. Swap to a Refill Store

Nothing Wasted Refill Shop makes eco shopping easier
You can find a great list of zero waste and refill shops shops here, hopefully there's one near you.

7. Swap Plastic Bottles for Glass Bottles

Milk bottles in front of a pink door

Glass Milk Bottles

Swap plastic sauce bottles for glass ones to reduce waste

Glass Condiment Bottles

8. Swap Plastic-Wrapped Chocolate for Tony’s Chocolonely

Tony's Chocolonely is the ethical plastic free chocolate and available in so many delicious flavours

9. Swap Tea Bags for Tea Leaves

Loose leaf tea and a strainer are easy zero waste swaps

10: Refill Your Cleaning Sprays and Washing Up Liquid

Splosh refills

11: Swap Plastic Brushes, Cloths, Scourers and Sponges for Plastic Free Versions (previous ad)

A black sink with a range of eco-friendly plastic-free kitchen essentials

12. Swap Plastic-Covered Toilet Paper for Plastic Free Bamboo

Naked Sprout eco friendly toilet roll delivery

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Looking for easy plastic free ideas? I have 25+ easy swaps you can make to reduce your plastic use, for a greener, more sustainable life. You may not want to (or be able to) make all of them but every eco friendly swap you make will make a difference and you can add more when you have the time! | #pinkscharming

13: Swap to Plastic Free Laundry and Dishwashing Solutions

Swap to Smol for Dishwashing and Laundry

Smol eco-friendly dishwashing tablets in recyclable cardboard safety pack.
Smol eco-friendly non bio laundry capsules in recyclable cardboard safety pack
Hand holding a lilac Eco Egg

Swap to an Eco Egg (previous ad)

14. Swap Plastic Tape for Paper Tape

Plastic free paper parcel tape, one with a black house pattern and one plain

Easy Plastic Free Swaps: Personal Care

15: Swap Plastic Dental Care for Bamboo Brushes and Toothpaste Tablets

Plastic free dental care on a white marble background

16: Swap Normal Deodorant for a Plastic Free Natural Version

Two glass jars of The Natural Deodorant Co zero waste deodorants

17: Swap Plastic Menstrual Products for Reusables

Period Pants

A close crop of Becky wearing black WUKA High Waisted reusable Period Pants and a t-shirt with Strong Girls Club printed in red. Becky stands with one hand on her hip and is wearing pink nail varnish

Menstrual Cups

18. Swap to a Plastic Free Sun Cream

Shade organic All-Natural Sunscren SPF25 with swatch on hand smoothed in

19. Swap to Shower Gel Tablets

20. Swap Plastic Exfoliating Gloves for Ramie Mitts

Ramie natural exfoliating mitt

21. Swap a Plastic or Disposable Razor for a Metal Safety Razor

Rose gold Mutiny Shaving safety razor, shaving brush and shaving soap

Easy Plastic Free Swaps: Hair Care

22. Swap Bottles of Shampoo and Conditioner for Bars

Rowdy Kind Plastic Free Shampoo and Conditioner bars and reusable tin

23. Swap Hair Bands for Plastic Free Hair Ties

Plastic free zero waste biodegradable hair bands

Easy Plastic Free Swaps: Beauty

24. Swap a Plastic Cleanser for One Packaged in Glass

Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt

25. Swap Your Foundation for Plastic-Free Make-up (That is Also Refillable!)

26. Swap a Plastic Lip Balm for One Packaged in Paper or Aluminium

A reminder of those discount codes to help your plastic free swaps:




#freelance #copywriter & journalist | | #blogger | chemical-free beauty | homes | family lifestyle | trying to be greener

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Becky Pink

Becky Pink

#freelance #copywriter & journalist | | #blogger | chemical-free beauty | homes | family lifestyle | trying to be greener

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