A Touch of Magic with My Fairy Garden

Like a lot of five and seven year olds I know, my girls are borderline obsessed with and all things magical. They claim not to believe in Father Christmas anymore (sob) but the Tooth Fairy is still totally real. My Fairy Garden kindly sent Thea a Fairy Garden for her birthday a few weeks ago. Look how excited she was when she opened it. She squealed, “I’ve always wanted one of these!”

She wanted to set it up straight away, but because it had been heavily snowing, we had to wait for the snow to thaw, to get some soil. So I took a few pictures to show you what the box contains, before we set it up.

My Fairy Garden Magical Fairy Garden Contents

Making the My Fairy Garden

We filled the base of the garden up with compost. I got Ava to read the instructions to Thea, so they could practice their teamwork. It’s very serious business!

They started with the multi-coloured rainbow path, then the grass seed, and then the other accessories. I didn’t have to help much, other than to tie the washing line onto the wooden sticks, and make sure they didn’t put all the grass seed in one spot.

The set is made of sturdy plastic, and is very easy to put together. Both girls thoroughly enjoyed adding the decorations, especially the fairy dust!

We’ve put the fairy garden on top of a book case near the window in Thea’s bedroom. We are getting daily reports that the grass hasn’t started to grow yet, so it will be very exciting once it does!

Coincidentally, our lovely next door neighbours bought Thea the matching Unicorn play set, so the girls added that to the My Fairy Garden.

My Fairy Garden Unicorn

We will be finding grass seed and mini shimmery stars for weeks! This set is the perfect level for my 5 and 7 year olds, and I think children up to around 9 or 10 would enjoy it, if they are into this kind of toy. They are already planning what else they can add to it!

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The My Fairy Garden is £14.99, on offer at £12.95 on Amazon at the moment. The My Fairy Garden Unicorn and Friends Playset is £9.99.






We were sent this My Fairy Garden play set to review and all opinions are honest as always.

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