How to Create an Easy, Relaxing Home Spa Day for Kids

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Are you looking for ideas to entertain the kids, whilst also giving them some TLC and relaxation? I’m fast running out of ideas to keep my children occupied during Lockdown 3. But last weekend, Thea asked for a home spa day. So with a little bit of prep, we created a spa day at home, for kids. I had a turn too, and can confirm our home spa day is also ideal for grown ups.

Two girls smiling and relaxing in an oak bed at a home spa day, with home made avocado face masks and cucumber slices over their eyes

So if you’re at a loose end this weekend, why not read my guide for a home spa day and create your own spa retreat at home?

You’ll only need a few things, and you’ll most likely already have them at home. Making a home spa for your kids is a really simple yet effective way to create a calm, happy atmosphere and help them relax during times of stress. It’s also great for bonding too, especially if relationships have become a little strained because of home schooling.

What You’ll Need for a Home Spa Day

You can make your home spa day as simple or as luxurious as you like. You can create your spa in your bedroom or in the lounge. Just be aware that it can get a bit messy with kids!

Home spa products on an oak bedside table

How to Prep Your Room for a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

Start by lowering the blind, or partially closing the curtains. You want your home spa to be pleasantly dim, but not dark.

Light some candles (I prefer natural soy wax candles because they are better for the planet, and for us). Turn on your fairy lights too. This creates a warm, welcoming glow.

Switch on your electric blanket if you have one — otherwise, you could warm the bed with a hot water bottle. Spread old towels or sheets over the bed to protect it from the face mask.

Make your face mask and ask your ‘clients’ to wash their faces. Show them to the bed and get them to lie down and relax.

Switch on some relaxing music and you’re ready to begin.

A Relaxing Home Spa Day for Kids is Easy and Fun

How To Make Your Own Homemade Natural Face Mask

Thea didn’t want to use one of my face masks and wanted to make her own. There are tonnes of homemade face mask recipes on line. I made a basic one by mashing half an avocado in a bowl and adding a few more natural ingredients. (I have a bag of avocados in the freezer that taste awful, so I’m happy to have found an alternative use for them!)

Homemade facemask made of avocado, oatmeal, coconut oil and honey

Add a tablespoon of oatmeal, a tablespoon of runny honey and a teaspoon of coconut oil to the mashed avocado. Smush it together and it will look a bit like guacamole.

It’s a great way to use up slightly squishy fruit and veg. Plus, if any accidentally goes in a kids’ mouth, it won’t harm them. This made enough for 4 face masks, and any leftovers won’t keep so pop it into your green waste bin or compost heap.

Of course if you or your kids are sensitive to any of these ingredients, feel free to make your own mask. If in doubt, always do a patch test with any new skin care products, to be on the safe side.

Top off the face mask with a couple of slices of cucumber over the eyes. Now you’re all set for a lovely cool, homemade face mask that will relax your kids (and you).

Redheaded girl relaxing in an avocado facemask with cucumber slices over her eyes
Little girl relaxing in an avocado facemask with huge cucumber slices over her eyes

Ava has sensitive skin and this mask didn’t make her skin react, and left it soft and glowing.

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What To Do At Your DIY Home Spa Day

Once your spa day ‘customers’ are in place, tie their hair back if necessary. Then use a soft hairband to keep it of their faces.

Step 1: Home Face Mask

Then apply the face mask to their faces, making sure not to get it in their eyes. I found using my hands was best.

Pop a couple of cucumber slices over their eyes and let them relax for as long as you like — between 10 and 20 minutes is ideal.

Step 2: Arm Massage

As they relax, drop some body oil or cream onto their arms, and give them a gentle arm massage, working in long strokes.

Step 3: Hand Massage

Soul Tree Hand and Foot Cream

Use a rich hand cream, like the Soul Tree Hand & Foot Cream, which was my favourite product in December’s Love Lula Natural Beauty Box. It’s ultra rich and ideal for dry and cracked skin, caused by washing our hands all the time. This cream is enriched with Kokum Butter, Organic Honey, Aloe, Turmeric and a blend of organic Sesame Oil, Coconut Oil, Apricot Oil and Almond Oil. It has quite an unusual fragrance but it works so well on dry skin.

Massage it well in to your child’s hands, for as long as you like.

Step 4: Relaxation and Breathing Exercises

Two girls smiling and relaxing in an oak bed at a home spa day, with home made avocado face masks and cucumber slices over their eyes

Guide your children through some guided breathing exercises. It can be really simple, breathing in and out slowly. I told them to breath in love and positivity and breath out any worries they have. My kids spent some of the time giggling and some of it relaxing. Either way, it’s good for them!

Step 5: Clean off the Face Mask

Run a bowl of warm water. Dip your reusable cotton pads or a flannel into it to gently wipe off the face mask. Keep rinsing and wiping until the skin is clean.

Step 6 (Optional): Facial Massage

If your child is still able to lie still for a little longer, you could finish your home spa day with a relaxing face massage. Just drop some gentle facial oil onto their forehead and cheeks and massage into the skin gently. If you have a jade or rose quartz roller, use it to roll over the skin working up and out, for a cooling treat.

Getting the home spa day treatment from my daughters

If you’re wondering if my home spa day will work for adults too, the answer is yes! Here I am being the ‘customer’ as my daughters gave me the treatments. Ava took great delight in piling on as much face mask as she could.

They each massaged and arm and a hand. Thea gave me nice gentle strokes, whilst Ava’s massage was more like a sports massage… not quite as relaxing!

I hope you’ve found my easy guide to creating a relaxing spa day at home useful. Why not Pin it for later?



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