How To Stretch and Soften Salt Water Sandals, Instantly

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5 min readJul 21, 2021

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Are you a fan of Salt Water Sandals? For the past five years I have worn Salt Water Sandals practically every day for the whole of summer. I have two pairs of Salt Water Sandals, one matte gold and one shiny pale pink, and I live in them, all summer long. Salt Water Sandals have legions of loyal fans like me, because they look great and are extremely comfortable. (If you are yet to invest, Salt Water Sandals are on sale here at the moment). I have never had a blister from my Salties. But there is a little known trick that you need to try to stretch and soften your Salt Water Sandals instantly, to make them ultra comfortable.

Shiny pink Original Salt-Water Sandals

Read on to find out the trick to making your Salt Water Sandals so comfortable you can wear them all day, every day, with no blisters.

If you haven’t bought your Salt Water Sandals yet, you can find them here at Office. Go to this blog post, where I explain in detail how to find the right size Salt Water Sandals. It will help you work out the correct size. When they arrive, come back here to find out how to get them to mould to your feet.

How To Stretch and Soften Salt Water Sandals So They Fit Perfectly

When your Salt Water Sandals arrive, you will notice they feel quite hard and not very forgiving. They will actually feel a little tight, if you’ve got the right size. This is because as they soften and stretch, they mould to your feet for the perfect fit.

As they are made of leather, they do take a little softening up to get them to be comfortable. But unlike most sandals or shoes, you can get Salt Water Sandals wet. That means that Salt Water Sandals are waterproof, and you can even wear them in water without harming them. It is also the trick to stretching them and softening them straight out of the box.

Most shoes and sandals need a little wearing in to avoid blisters, but not Salt Water Sandals! They will be so comfortable straight away, if you just follow these simple steps.

Step 1: Pour Clean Water

Fill your sink with clean water. It can be cold or warm, it doesn’t matter.

Step 2: Soak Your Salt Water Sandals in Water

Submerge your Salt Water Sandals in the water. Make sure you flip them over to really get the straps wet through.


Step 3: Put on Wet Salt Water Sandals


Lift your Salt Water Sandals out of the sink and let the water drip off. Put them on your feet.

Step 4: Walk in Wet Salt Water Sandals To Stretch and Soften Them

Now, just walk around wearing your wet Salt Water Sandals, until they dry.

(I recommend doing this outside, so you don’t get your house wet.)

Wearing wet sandals feels a little odd but works like a charm. It means the leather moulds perfectly to your feet so they won’t give you blisters. The wet leather softens up enough for it to stretch a little, without going baggy.

And that’s it. I told you this was a quick and easy trick to instantly wearing in your Salt Water Sandals, and it really is!

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The easy way to make Salt Water Sandals fit perfectly

So Are Salt Water Sandals Waterproof?

Yes, Salt Water Sandals are waterproof! So you can actually wear Salt Water Sandals in the sea, making them perfect for beach walks. They are also ideal for when you get caught in summer rain storms.

If you want to skip soaking your Salties in the sink, you can soften and stretch the sandals by walking in the sea, or even in heavy rain. It works in exactly the same way.

Wearing pink salt water sandals on a rocky beach
Wearing pink salt water sandals in the rain

I wore my pink shiny Salt Water Sandals all though our staycation in Kent last summer. Come rain or shine, these amazing waterproof sandals stayed comfortable, with no blisters.

Gold and Rose Gold Salt Water Sandals on a sandy beach

I used this easy method to stop both of my pairs of Salt Water Sandals rubbing my feet, and for my daughter’s Rose Gold Salties, and it worked perfectly each time.

We walked for miles and miles in them around Disneyworld with no blisters. And we walked for miles around London wearing them a few years back.

In front of Tower Bridge, London

My Salt-Water Sandals now fit perfectly, with no rubbing at all. They are so comfortable I wore them every day on my holiday, and in fact wear them non-stop every summer.

Salties aren’t cheap, but they are well worth every penny. Mine have lasted years of heavy wear and still look practically brand new. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another pair, the only problem would be choosing the colour as there are so many! You can buy them here if you need a pair, on sale at the time of writing!


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