How To Stretch and Soften Salt Water Sandals, Instantly

Shiny pink Original Salt-Water Sandals

How To Stretch and Soften Salt Water Sandals So They Fit Perfectly

When your Salt Water Sandals arrive, you will notice they feel quite hard and not very forgiving. They will actually feel a little tight, if you’ve got the right size. This is because as they soften and stretch, they mould to your feet for the perfect fit.

Step 1: Pour Clean Water

Fill your sink with clean water. It can be cold or warm, it doesn’t matter.

Step 2: Soak Your Salt Water Sandals in Water

Submerge your Salt Water Sandals in the water. Make sure you flip them over to really get the straps wet through.


Step 3: Put on Wet Salt Water Sandals


Step 4: Walk in Wet Salt Water Sandals To Stretch and Soften Them

And that’s it. I told you this was a quick and easy trick to instantly wearing in your Salt Water Sandals, and it really is!

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The easy way to make Salt Water Sandals fit perfectly

So Are Salt Water Sandals Waterproof?

Yes, Salt Water Sandals are waterproof! So you can actually wear Salt Water Sandals in the sea, making them perfect for beach walks. They are also ideal for when you get caught in summer rain storms.

Wearing pink salt water sandals on a rocky beach
Wearing pink salt water sandals in the rain
Gold and Rose Gold Salt Water Sandals on a sandy beach
In front of Tower Bridge, London



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