Where to Find The Best Ethical, Sustainable Flowers

Day six of ethical and sustainable peonies

Ethical and Sustainable Flowers Delivery

When you order your ethical and sustainable flowers, they come in an easily recycled cardboard box, with flower food in a compostable sachet. There’s an advice card with tips on how to care for your peonies. As you can see, you receive a generous amount of flowers. I got 15 peony blooms, and a good bunch of eucalyptus.

The Best Ethical and Sustainable Flowers Delivery from Arena Flowers
Ethical and Sustainable peonies from Arena Flowers
A close up of ethical peonies and eucalyptus
A black cat sitting in a box, with ethical peonies in a vase

See How My Ethical, Sustainable Peonies Bloom Over a Week

Ethical and sustainable peonies and eucalyptus in a glass vase on a table
Day two of ethical and sustainable peonies
Day two…
Day three of ethical and sustainable peonies
Day three…
Day four of ethical and sustainable peonies
Day four…
Day five of ethical and sustainable peonies.jpg
Day five…
Day six of ethical and sustainable peonies
Day six…
Day seven of ethical and sustainable peonies
Day seven…and still going strong.

So What Makes These Flowers Ethical and Sustainable?

There are loads of reasons Arena Flowers are the best ethical and sustainable flowers. Here are just a few:

  • There are no single-use plastics in Arena Flowers’s products, and they use organic and compostable materials.
  • They plant two trees for every order placed, in countries experiencing deforestation. They have planted over a million trees so far.
  • Arena Flowers have pledged to become carbon neutral by the end of 2021. That means they’ll become the world’s first carbon-neutral flower business.
  • They are the first and only florist in the world to implement a closed-loop waste system. All off-cuts and stray leaves salvaged and sent to processing plants and paper mills to produce packaging materials without the need for new resources.
  • Their farms use hydroponic systems, supplemented by collected rainwater, wetland water filtration schemes and greywater sourcing over traditional soil planting.
  • Their headquarters is an EPC A-rated facility which harvests its greywater and is heated by sustainably-sourced woodchip pellets.
  • Instead of chemical pesticides, Arena Flowers use botanical solutions and Integrated Pest Management to look after their flowers. So instead of a harsh, artificial, environment-harming chemical, they rely on other plants and natural predators like red spider mites to keep unwanted pests down.
  • All flowers are sourced from ethical suppliers and Fairtrade-certified farms.
  • All staff are paid at least a real living wage.
  • Every order generates £1 to Women’s Aid, with over £50,000 raised in 2020 to help end domestic violence.

Other Ethical and Sustainable Floral Gifts

Although Arena Flowers are a florist, they do have other flower-related gifts. They are perfect to buy for yourself, or for loved ones.

Spring wreath on a front door, surrounding a gold bee door knocker on a pink front door

A Flower Subscription is the Gift that Keeps on Giving

Here you’ll find links to buy your own ethical, sustainable flower subscription, or single bouquets. The floral subscriptions are very flexible. Pause, or put back your delivery if you don’t fancy the ones that fall on your week. You can also choose a pet-friendly bouquet, or an ethical-bouquet, whichever you like the look of most.



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