Your New Clean Facial Suncream? Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Review

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Facial sunscreen can be a tricky one to get right. If you’re also looking for a clean mineral formula with no nasties, that’s also reef-safe, it’s even more of a challenge! Often mineral sunscreens leave a white cast on the skin, and feel sticky and heavy. But what if you could have the broad spectrum sun protection you need, in a tinted formula that doesn’t feel too heavy? And what if it was also plastic-free? Well I may have the answer to your prayers right here! Read on for my review of Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen and see if it ticks all your facial sunscreen boxes.

Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen Review

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It looks like Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen has it all: flattering tinted mineral formula, zero waste glass packaging and a reef-safe formula. But is it as good as it looks? Read on for my review of Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen for all the details.

There are two types of sunscreen and one is better for you, and for the planet. Mineral sunscreens are known as physical sunscreens as they act as a physical barrier to reflect the sun’s harmful rays away from your skin. Instead of getting absorbed into your skin, the sit on it, making reapplying important. Conversely, chemical sunscreens absorb UV light before it reaches your skin, using synthetic blends, some of which have been shown to damage coral reefs.

Mineral sunscreens generally use zinc oxide or titanium dioxide to provide the physical barrier, and this can mean they look white and pasty, and can be difficult to blend in to your skin. Choosing a ‘non-nano’ mineral formula is important, both for your own heath (if it’s a nano-particle it can be absorbed into your skin) and for sea life as it will be less likely to be absorbed by them. So look for non-nano zinc oxide or non-nano titanium dioxide.

There isn’t a globally recognised scheme for reef safe products and some companies can sneakily claim this, even if they contain ingredients that may damage sea life. So the sunscreen ingredients to avoid are:

  • Oxybenzone (Benzophenone-3)
  • Benzophenone-1
  • Benzophenone-8
  • Octinoxate
  • Octocrylene
  • 3-Benzylidene camphor
  • 4-methylbenzylidene camphor

Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen is Reef Safe, as it doesn’t include any of these ingredients.

So now you know why buying reef safe suncare is important, I’ll move on to sharing my review of Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen. Kri say:

“The sheer tint, containing light-diffusing iron oxides, offsets any white cast that’s typically caused by zinc oxide. Once absorbed, it should leave a transparent finish on the majority of skin tones. The rich texture provides water resistance throughout the day. No essential oils or fragrance. Suitable for sensitive skin. Does not irritate eyes.”

And from my experience, this is all true.

It has both UVA and UVB protection (A is ageing and B is burning) and you can apply it over make-up.

I’ve taken some photos to show how the tinted sunscreen looks on my pale, white skin. It looks beige in the pot, but slightly pink-toned when it goes on. However it seems to magically dissolve to invisibility when blended in. It’s fairly thick, but doesn’t feel greasy.

Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen glass jar with swatch on hand
Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen glass jar with swatch on hand smoothed out
Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen glass jar with swatch on hand blended out

And here is how it looks on my daughter — she didn’t blend it properly as she’s a child, so I took a few photos to show the tone on her skin without blending. It looks like she has badly applied fake tan, but after a little while it fades to invisibility.

Child Wearing Kri Tinted Mineral suncream
Child Wearing Kri Tinted Mineral suncream

I took some photos of me using the sunscreen beneath my make-up at the start of the day and end of the day, and as you can see, my make-up stayed in place well, and didn’t slide off or go horrid and greasy.

Freshly applied Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen below Madara CC cream and Love the Planet powder
After a day, wearing Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen below Madara CC cream and Love the Planet powder

I’m wearing Madara CC Cream, Love the Planet Loose Mineral Powder, Hynt Concealer and PHB Ethical Beauty

Mesmerise Mascara on top of the Kri Tinted Sunscreen.

Reapplied Kri SPF30 Tinted Mineral Sunscreen over makeup

I also put more sunscreen on top of my make-up to see how well it went on, when reapplying and it didn’t ruin my make-up! I’m impressed! Though you can see a little bit on my chin which I didn’t rub in properly.

I highly recommend this clean, zero waste tinted mineral sunscreen- it has excellent ethical and eco credentials, and works really well! If you have dry skin, you may want to apply moisturiser before applying the sunscreen.

If you have oily skin, you could just apply the sunscreen by itself. It doesn’t give skin the coverage of a light make-up, like my favourite discovery from last year, Sukin tinted sunscreen. But it doesn’t give a white cast so it’s a winner for me! As with all tinted products, be careful of transfer onto your collar — I use my non-tinted body sunscreen on my neck for this reason.


Kri have an untinted version of their sunscreen here, which also gets good review on their site. So if you don’t like tinted creams, this could be a good option for you. There are also dinky little travel minis of both versions so you can test before you invest, or have a small version for a weekend away. I bought the mini tinted sunscreen to try and went on to buy the full size version.

Now you know why I love this clean tinted sunscreen, I’ll share some information about the brand, Kri. They are a certified B Corporation, which is a global movement of companies using business as a force for good. Their products are all 100% vegan and cruelty free and made in the UK. They are EcoCert and COSMOS certified and use organic ingredients when they can. Products arrive in recyclable and reusable glass jars, and delivery packaging is reusable, recyclable or biodegradable (they use the corn beads that dissolve in water — my kids love doing that!) Kri also donate to World Land Trust to help restore forest habitats. So that’s a good line up of eco and ethical credentials in my opinion.

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#freelance #copywriter & journalist | | #blogger | chemical-free beauty | homes | family lifestyle | trying to be greener